Employees Need to Take 360 Feedback with Positive Mindset

Employees Need to Take 360 Feedback with Positive Mindset

When a company plans to start a 360-degree feedback some leaders refrain from participating in it. They might feel that they do not need a feedback. However, you should know that getting an honest feedback about the performance is pretty difficult. With the rise in their ranks, the leaders start receiving less and less genuine information about their feedback. The employees are often of revealing their feedback and displeasing their superiors.

The employees also benefit a lot from the 360 feedback program. This will help them to understand how they have been working in the company and what others think about them. However, you will be able to most of the feedback only if you take it positively. A majority of the times, people respond emotionally to this constructive criticism. This emotion might take the form of an embarrassment or anger. This is generally followed by a behavior which is not that constructive. If you do not check these behaviors then you might not be able to learn anything from the feedback by taking action to enhance the performance. You need to spend some time to think how you will react to a constructive feedback. Then be prepared to counter this feedback with a positive action. There are several employee benefits of a 360-degree feedback.

Increases Self-Awareness

Once of the major benefits of 360 feedback for an employee is that it helps in improving self-awareness. The participants of this feedback are offered a complete report which their strength, as well as the areas that they have to improve in. This enables the employees to understand how they behave and how others perceive them to be. The employee can obtain a greater understanding if the self-assessment is compared with the raters.

Balanced Viewpoint

360-degree feedback is useful for the employees since that offer a balanced and well-round view of their behavior and skills. In this program, the feedback isn’t simply offered by the supervisor by also by other people working in the organization including the subordinates. This provides an accurate picture of the employees’ behavior.

Leverages the Strength

360-degree feedback helps in understanding the strength of the employees. If you are able to identify your strength in a particular field then it enables you to formulate a tailored training and development plan. An employee might be showing strength in a particular field and when offered and additional feedback will be able to excel in it. It is important to develop your strength to improve your career.

Reveal the Blindspots

Since the 360-degree feedback is a multi-source feedback, it enables an employee to uncover the blind spots that they have in their behavior. This makes the employee understand the kind of behavior that he/she is exhibiting. Revealing the blind spots is important for the improvement of the performance of the employees.

The 360 feedback is the starting point for an employee to develop their behaviors and skills. This also includes developing new skills and building on the present one. This lets the employee control their career. Since the employees are able to take part in their own development, it increases their engagement in the process. Read more here about the benefits of 360 degree feedback.

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