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Indian Citizens: The Most Successful ITAs Since 2017

Are you wondering which nationalities have been most successful in gaining immigration in Canada? While it might be surprising, the Indians citizens have been most successful in gaining Canadian immigration over the years. A Canadian immigration lawyer points out that the Indian citizens have been acquiring the position since 2017.

Canadian Immigration Lawyer

The 2019 Express Entry Year-End Report Indicates that a total of 85,300 ITAs were issued to the express entry candidates that year. From that, a whopping 40,275 ITAs were issued to the Indian Citizens. The second most ITAs were issued to the citizens of Nigeria, which accumulated to 5,886. The citizens of China got third place by receiving 5668 ITA.

The Dominating Trio

Not only the ITAs of 2019, the citizens of India, China, and Nigeria have also been dominating the ITA chart since 2017. How is it possible? Well, the ITAs are issued to the candidates who have a competitive profile while meeting all the necessary minimum requirements of the Express Entry System. The high CRS scores also play a big role in that.

The new report suggests that the citizens of India, China, and Nigeria not only secure the ITAs but also are one of the most successful candidates to fulfill their endeavours. The report further indicates that nearly 62 percent of the principal applicants, who have applied for permanent residence through the express entry system, targeted the Ontario Province. According to the same report, British Columbia and Alberta come in second and third most popular provinces that the immigrants love.

What Is An ITA?

The full form of ITA is, Invitation to Apply. While the ITAs play an important role in immigration, it is not the same thing as obtaining permanent resident status in Canada. It only indicates the fact that the recipient has a greater chance of becoming a successful applicant. A Canadian immigration lawyer explains that an ITA is a formal permission from the government of Canada which allows the applicant to submit an official application for permanent residency. In simple terms, gaining an ITA is only the first step in a complicated two-step process.

Canadian Immigration Lawyer

Another factor is that the ITAs are generally issued to the Express Entry Candidates. The express entry is perhaps the most popular immigration system of Canada, which was constituted to help the skilled foreign workers come to Canada.

The speed and flexibility of this system have made it very popular over time. The express entry system manages three different types of immigration programs. It is linked with some of the provincial programs as well.

Is there any Age Limit?

Even though there is no age limit for applying for permanent residency in Canada through an express entry system, the age of the applicant will affect his or her chance of receiving the invitation. As the profile of the candidate is ranked on a point-based system, the older the candidate is, the fewer points will be added to the CSR score.

Now that you understand the chance you stand to gain permanent residency in Canada, what is stopping you? Talk to a Canadian immigration lawyer to understand the nitty-gritty of the laws and apply for permanent residency right away.