Invigilator Responsibility
  • It is the responsibility of the invigilator to:Supervise the exam, free of charge, for the Associate student at a time and place mutually acceptable to the invigilator and the student.

  • Provide an appropriate testing environment (i.e., quiet, free of other persons as well as notes and books unless otherwise specified by the instructor).

  • Advise student on matters pertaining to the examination procedure, but not on matters pertaining to course or exam content.

  • Secure all examination material before and after the examination date return the written examination and any pertinent material promptly to Queen’s College in the envelope provided.

  • Ensure that the student does not leave the examination area until the examination is completed and remain with the student for the duration of the examination (with the exception of an emergency in which case the invigilator shall use her/his own discretion and note the same to the instructor on the sheet provided).

  • Ensure that the student and the invigilator signs the verification form contained in the examination package that is sent directly to the invigilator.