Frequently Asked Questions
Q:    What is the Associate in Theology?
A:    The Associate in Theology (A.Th.) is a course of study designed for persons who are interested in increasing their knowledge and appreciation of Christian belief and practice. As well as developing pastoral skills, this program also provides a theological base for persons assuming leadership and ministry within the life of their faith community.
Q:    Can Associate courses ever count toward a degree?
A:    Yes. Sixteen Associate courses (i.e., the Associate in Theology plus six other courses) as prescribed by the regulations governing the Bachelor of Theology by Distance constitute Phase One of the Bachelor of Theology by Distance.
Q:    How do I enrol for a course in the Associate program?
A:    The short application form with all the relevant information can be obtained from Queen's College.
Q:    What if I have never studied Scripture or theology before?
A:    The Associate program does not require or expect previous Scriptural or theological study
Q:    Where are the courses taught?
A:    Associate courses can be taken in two ways:   (1) by correspondence, (2) when available, on site at Queen's College
Q:    What is a correspondence course?
A:    A correspondence is one that is offered entirely by mail. No on site attendance is required. All lectures come in the form of a manual, laid out in twelve weekly sections (corresponding to the twelve week in a semester). A text book will supplement the manual. Assignments will be written at home and mailed in to the instructor. Tests will be written in your hometown in the presence of an invigilator. The invigilator is arranged by the student in accordance with the regulations governing invigilators set out by the College.
Q:    What is an on site course?
A:    An on site course is a course offered entirely on site at Queen's College that requires regular weekly attendance in a classroom setting. Tests and exams are written on site as well.
Q:    Can only out to town students take courses by correspondence?
A:    No. Any student can take courses by correspondence, regardless of where they live.
Q:    Is it possible to complete the entire Associate in Theology by correspondence?
A:    Yes, it is possible to complete the entire program by correspondence. The idea is for Queen's College to meet the growing need of those people who, for various reasons, are unable to take courses on site.
Q:    How much time should I expect to devote to an Associate course per week?
A:    On the average, you should plan on spending three to four hours a week reading the chapter in your manual and the corresponding material assigned in your textbook, not including time spent on assignments and preparing for a test.
Q:    What kind of workload should I expect per course?
A:    The kind of work assigned varies form course to course and instructor to instructor. The workload, however, will remain as consistent as possible. A typical course might consist of a short assignment (not a research paper, rather a short assignment based on your manual, text, or general knowledge) and an exam. Some courses assign a take home exam that you write on your own and mail in; some courses require you to keep a journal. All tests and exams will be drawn from questions given at the end of each chapter of your manual.
Q:    What if I need help from my instructor?
A:    You will have the opportunity to call your instructor during designated times. In each course, certain hours will be set aside as office hours during which time you may call the instructor to discuss any questions you may have.
Q:    Can I take an Associate course if I am not sure I want to complete the whole program?
A:    Of course! You are welcome to take any course you like. To receive the A.Th. However, you must complete the required combination of courses in the set time.
Q:    Having completed the A.Th., am I entitled to attend the Queen's College Convocation?
A:    Certainly! You will graduate with the rest of the students from all programs. A number of tickets will be reserved for your invited guests should you require them. A.Th. graduates will be awarded a special stole at Convocation to honor your accomplishment
Q:    Is it necessary to have access to a library or extra reading material?
A:    No. All you need will be available through the course.<
Q:    Will I need a computer and/or Internet access?
A:    No. A computer or knowledge of computers is neither expected nor required.
Q:    Must assignments be typewritten?
A:    Typewritten assignment are encouraged, but handwritten assignments also will be accepted.
Q:    Are late papers accepted?
A:    Extensions for papers etc. must be arranged between the instructor and the student.