Course Offering Fall Semester 2014

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Youth Ministry 2955-Q:  Re-Telling the Old, Old Story:  Evangelism, Discipleship, and Popular  Culture

       Location:     Queen’s College, St. John’s, NL

       Instructor:    Dr. Carmel Doyle

       Dates:          Sept. 19-20, Oct. 17-18, Nov. 14-15

                            (Friday 7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

       Textbook:    On line articles and handouts



Biblical Studies 2000-Q:  Introduction to the Old Testament

      Instructor:    The Very Rev’d Josiah Noel

      Textbook:    Stephen L. Harris, Understanding the Bible


Biblical Studies 2055-Q:  The Prophets of the Old Testament  (pre-requisite BS 2000-Q)

      Instructor:    The Rev’d Dr. Wayne Short

     Textbook:    Jean Pierre Prevost, How to Read The Prophets

                            Stephen L. Harris, Understanding the Bible


Biblical Studies 2200-Q:  Introduction to the New Testament

      Instructor:    Mrs. Jill Rose

      Textbook:     Stephen L. Harris, Understanding the Bible


Biblical Studies 2255-Q:  Paul and His Writings (pre-requisite BS 2200-Q)

      Instructor:    Ms Jill Rose

      Textbook:     Marion L. Soards,  The Apostle Paul


Church History 2102-Q:  The First 1500 Years

      Instructor:    The Venerable Shawn Samson

      Textbook:     Bruce L. Shelley, Church History In Plain Language


Pastoral Studies 2400-Q:  Introduction to Pastoral Care, Part A

      Instructor:    Dr. Rick Singleton

      Textbook:     Donald Peel,  The Ministry of Listening


 Pastoral Studies 2442-Q:  The Challenge and Blessing of Fostering Adult Faith Development within the Parish Context

      Instructor:    Dr. Carmel Doyle

      Textbook:     Evelyn Eaton Whitehead & James D.

                          Whitehead, Seasons of Strength


Pastoral Studies 2465-Q:  Pastoral Care & Counseling for the Grieving and Bereaved

      Instructor:    Dr. Rick Singleton

      Textbook:    George W. Bowman, Dying, Grieving, Faith, & Family: A Pastoral Care Approach


Theological Studies 2500-Q:  Thinking Through the Faith  (Pre-requisite BS 2000-Q or BS 2200-Q)

      Instructor:    The Rev’d Robert Cooke

      Textbook:    Alister E. McGrath, “Christianity:  An Introduction

                            David Ford,  “Theology:  A Very Short Introduction


Liturgical Studies 2800-Q:  Introduction to Christian Liturgy

      Instructor:    Dr. Gerard Whitty

      Textbook:     F. White,  An Introduction to Christian Worship


Liturgical Studies 2818-Q:  Introduction to Eucharist

      Instructor:    Dr. Gerard Whitty

      Textbook:     Frank Anderson,  Making the Eucharist Matter

                             R.C.D. Jasper and G.J. Cuming,  Prayers of the Eucharist:  Early and Reformed