Associate Program - Youth Ministry Studies

2915-Q Loitering with a Purpose: Building Community in Youth Ministry:This course is designed to give an introduction to the philosophy, theology, and practice of youth ministry with a special emphasis on building community and developing student leaders. (cross-listed with 2415-Q Pastoral Studies)

2925-Q Beyond Kumbaya: Youth, Worship, and the Church: The goal of this course is to develop a realistic, holistic, and practical approach to worship as an integral part of a healthy Christian community. This course will focus on developing theoretical and practical ministry skills in areas such as spiritual disciplines, sacraments, music, and retreats. (cross-listed with 2825-Q Liturgical Studies)

2935-Q Children of the Revolution: Youth, Service, and Social Justice: This course will examine the theology of service and social justice and provide practical approaches, strategies, and skills for getting youth involved as part of a Christian community. (cross-listed with 2635-Q Moral Theology)

2944-Q Youth and adults Working Together The course will examine a model of evangelization and catechesis (Christian Education) that has (1) separate and combined educational elements for the adult and youth faith communities and (2) an approach for bringing both together in a ministry of service. (cross-listed with 2444-Q Pastoral Studies)

2945-Q Not Your Grand-Mother's Sunday School: Youth & Christian Education: As you can tell by the title this course acknowledges the changing landscape of education in the church. This course provides an introduction to the theory and practice of Christian education in the context of youth ministry. Topics to be discussed include programs, developmental psychology, faith development, catechesis, and Bible teaching. (cross-listed with 2445-Q Pastoral Studies)

2955-Q Re-Telling the Old, Old Story: Evangelism, Discipleship, and Popular Culture: This course will explore evangelism and discipleship within youth ministry while seeking to cast a contemporary vision for both evangelism and discipleship within the larger Christian community. Topics to be discussed include student mentorship, small group ministry, youth retreats, homiletics/preaching, creative evangelism.