Associate Program - Pastoral Studies

Pastoral Studies

2400-Q / 2401-Q Introduction to Pastoral Care A and B:A two semester program designed to introduce students to the theology, theory and skills essential to pastoral ministry. There will be some emphasis on the personal and interpersonal matters that are essential to effective pastoral ministry. These courses are particularly geared for individuals interested in pastoral ministry to the sick. (Part A is a prerequisite for Part B)

Pastoral Care: 2440-Q: Growing in Christ: Fostering Faith within the Christian Community This course provides an excellent opportunity for parents, educators, catechists, Sunday School teachers and clergy to explore how they can best encourage adults and children to grow in faith. Three faculty members, with specialties in education, worship, spirituality and theology, will help participants explore the connections between how we teach, what we believe and how we worship.

2465-Q Pastoral Care and Counseling for the Grieving and Bereavement:This course is intended to introduce students to the concept of grief and bereavement. It will help them discover the individual and relational dynamics of grief, and recognize grief as a major source of stress. It will help develop an understanding of family systems theory as a resource in pastoral ministry and situate grief and bereavement in the context of one's faith journey and faith tradition.

2475-Q Pastoral Ministry to Families: This course examines the individual and relational dynamics at play in marriages and families. Students develop an understanding of family systems theories as a resource in pastoral ministry. There is a consideration of mixed marriage, human sexuality, parenting, and marriage-family involvement. Participants will recognize the importance of ministry to married people and families.

2482-Q:  Spirituality for the 21st Century (2 or 3 credit hour course):  Celebrating the communion of science and faith, this course explores the promise of evolutionary Christian spirituality.  We will examine the case from the perspective of over a dozen leading theologians and progressive thinkers.  The course can be experienced as a 2 credit offering (two reflection papers and a presentation on the impact of this spirituality at the parish level), or a 3 credit offering (the same as 2 credit plus a paper that expands on the impact of such a spirituality on worship & preaching).

Christian Education

2415-Q Loitering with a Purpose: Building Community in Youth MinistryThis course is designed to give an introduction to the philosophy, theology, and practice of youth ministry with a special emphasis on building community and developing student leaders. Due to the individualism of western society community is an often overlooked aspect of life in the church. Students will learn that building community has to be intentional and foundational in all that is done in youth ministry. This includes creating and maintaining a safe and caring Christian community not only in the youth ministry context but in the whole life of the church. (cross-listed with 2915-Q Youth Ministry Studies)

2442-Q The Challenge and Blessing of Fostering Adult Faith Development within the Parish Context: This course examines the deep felt need of many Christians got growth in faith and spirituality. It also provides the framework for the local Church to assist individuals and congregations in this growth. This course is designed to be of value to individuals in their personal faith journey as well as assisting local faith communities in meeting the spiritual needs of their adult members.

2443-Q Desperately Seeking God: Spirituality for New Millennium: Explores creative spirituality from a number of perspectives and world views, with a view towards defining what makes spirituality Christian.

2444-Q Youth and adults Working Together The course will examine a model of evangelization and catechesis (Christian Education) that has (1) separate and combined educational elements for the adult and youth faith communities and (2) an approach for bringing both together in a ministry of service.(cross-listed with 2944- Youth Ministry Studies)

2445-Q Not your Grand-Mother's Sunday School: Youth & Christian Education As you can tell by the title this course acknowledges the changing landscape of education in the church. Old models may not meet the needs of today’s youth who are children of the technology and information era. The challenge to help youth grow in faith can be intimidating, but knowing how youth develop psychologically, emotionally, morally, and spiritually can help youth leaders develop effective and meaningful educational experiences. This course provides an introduction to the theory and practice of Christian education in the context of youth ministry. Topics to be discussed include programs, developmental psychology, faith development, catechesis, and Bible teaching. (cross-listed with 2945-Q Youth Ministry Studies)