Associate Program - Liturgical Studies

2800-Q Introduction to Christian Liturgy: This introductory course explores the rich depth and diverse foundations in Christian Literature through an exploration of different liturgical themes as they have evolved over two millennia.

2818-Q: Introduction to the Eucharist Introduction to the Eucharist. This course attempts to introduce students to the Sacrament of the Eucharist as liturgical theology. It hopes to deepen students’ awareness of the eucharist as the prayer to the community. Using a models approach to the Eucharist, we will weave together biblical, ritual, historical and theological dimensions.

2825-Q: Beyond Kumbaya: Youth, Worship, and the Church The goal of this course is to develop a realistic, holistic, and practical approach to worship as an integral part of a healthy Christian community. This course will focus on developing theoretical and practical ministry skills in areas such as spiritual disciplines, sacraments, music, and retreats. (cross-listed with 2925-Q Youth Ministry Studies)

2828-Q Introduction to Christian Initiation: This course introduces students to the three sacraments of initiation, namely baptism, confirmation and Eucharist. The course will weave together the biblical, ritual, historical and theological dimensions together and hopes to deepen student’s awareness of the history, theology and practice of these rites in the public prayer of the Church.

2840-Q: Introduction to Preaching: This course will provide an introduction to the field of homiletics. Students will develop the necessary skills for biblical preaching and will exercise these skills in both classroom and chapel settings.