Associate Program - Church History

2102-Q Church History: The First 1500 Years: This course provides a survey of the history of the Christian Church from its Jewish roots to the dawn of the Reformation. It is divided into three periods: (1) The Early Church, (2) The Imperial Church, and (3) Medieval Christianity. Our goal is to gain an understanding of and appreciation for the cultural, institutional, theological and historical factors tat have shaped Christianity.

2105-Q Church History: The Reformation to the 20th Century: This course surveys some of the main historical and theological developments in the Christian Church from the Reformation to the 20th Century. (Cross-listed with 2505-Q Theological Studies)

2110-Q Historical Studies Women in the Ancient World: This course will explore the lives, roles and contributions of women from the early Greek period to the early Roman Empire. Special attention will be given to women in the Old and New Testaments. (Cross-listed with 2310-Q Biblical Studies)