Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships and Awards Committee


The Scholarships and Awards Committee is a Sub-Committee of Queen's College Faculty of Theology which exists to establish criteria, receive and review nominations, and present a report to the faculty.


Committee members are appointed by the Faculty of Theology and shall consist of:


    1.  One full time faculty member who shall serve as chair of the committee

    2.  One current adjunct faculty


    3.  One recent alumnus (less than five years) of Queen's College who shall be recruited by the chair and approved by the Provost


The duties of the Committee are as follows: 

          To identify and define the criteria for scholarships and 

          To establish and review the nomination process for scholarships and awards 

          To receive and review 

          To consult with others as deemed appropriate 

          To prepare a report for faculty


The Scholarships and Awards Committee reserves the right to withhold a particular scholarship or award if no candidate is deemed appropriate divide the monetary value of any award among two or more eligible candidates.

Awards Administered through Queen's College

The Nigel Rusted Sabbatical Bursary award to clergy residing in Newfoundland and Labrador who wish to visit the Holy Land or to study in the United Kingdom.

The Order of St. Lazarus Ecumenical Bursary 
This bursary is available to residents of Newfoundland and Labrador or graduates of educational institutions in Newfoundland and Labrador who wish to pursue ecumenical studies in Christian faith and religion.


The Nomination Process

Nominations for awards open two weeks prior to the end of classes at 9:00 a.m. and close on the last day of classes at 4:00 p.m. Letters of nomination must outline a student's eligibility for an award based on the given criteria. You many nominate a student for more than one award and you may nominate more than one student for the same award. All nominations must be signed by the nominator and be received by the Scholarships and Awards Committee by the deadline specified. All letters should be addressed to the Scholarships and Awards Committee and should be submitted to the General Office. The nomination process is intended toguide the Committee in its decision.


Queen's College is very grateful to our bursary and scholarship funds contributors. Listed below are the many student bursaries and scholarships.

Memorials in the names of W.D. Alcock; The Rev'd J. Ayris; The Rev'd Victor Bishop; The Rev'd S.M. & Mary Bradbrook; The Rev'd Jacob Brinton; Donald Browning; The Rev'd Alton & Gladys Fudge; Archdeacon Heber Gosse; The Rev'd Samuel Jones; The Rev'd Canon Leonard Ludlow; Sgt. Bernard T. Scammell; Archbishop R.L. Seaborn; The Ven. Ralph S. Sheppard; Canon J. Smith; John & Elizabeth Squires; The Rev'd Canon Arthur Stirling; The Rev'd Joseph W. Taylor; Mildred Wareham; The Rev'd Canon Emmanuel Willis; Emmanuel Pike; The Rev’d Canon T. E. Smith; The Rev’d R. P. C. Walters.

Funds have been received from the estates of Harold J. Blackmore; Hazel Brown; Emma Dawe; Emile W.S. Fraser; Thomas Hallett; The Rev'd Isaac Parsons; The Rev'd Canon J. T. Richards; Hazen A. Russell; The Rev'd Warrick Wells.

The following are bequests and bursaries: The Hon. W. J. Browne; The Rev'd Alexander Daley; Maria Emberly; F.F. Furneaux; Elizabeth Gosse; Murial Hunter; Rebecca Morgan; Robert A. Newman; The Rev'd Arthur L. Parish; Helen Phillips; Phyllis A. Rennie; Irene Rosa Rose; Levi and Rosalie Skinner; J.W. Smith; George E. Squires; Gerald White; The Rev'd Harry Victor Whitehouse; Earle, Ethel & Harvey Windeler; John James Windsor; The Rev'd Tobias Short; Margaret Strathy; Bishop Mark and Dr. Maxine Genge; Father Massiah; John & Jane Miller; Belinda Crocker; Harvey & Doris Murcell; The A.A.A. Bursary (C.E.A.A.); The A.C.W. Diocese of Western Newfoundland Bursary; The Rev'd A.L. Parrish & the Rev'd Max Andrews Bursary; The Rev’d Canon N.S. Noel; W.S. and Flora Wilcox; The Rev’d Hayward Hodder; Mr. and Mrs. John (Jemima) Bailey.

Queen’s College gratefully acknowledges recent contributions to our memorial bequests and scholarships to the Bursary and Trust Fund in the name of The Garfield E. Warren Bequest, The Mabel Gosse Scholarship, The Gordon and Mardi Bastow Scholarship, Canon James Coffin Homiletics Award and The Rev’d Dr. A. S. Daley Scholarship.

We at Queen's College are pleased to congratulate the recipients of this year's program scholarships and awards. We would like to express appreciation to all those who support these scholarships, awards and student bursaries. Please accept our sincere appreciation for your support and interest.