Master of Theological Studies

The purpose of the Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) degree program is to offer a course of study in theology for university graduates in the arts, sciences and professions who wish to have a basic training in the theological disciplines along with the opportunity to explore in some depth their particular interests.

The M.T.S. program requires the equivalent of two years of full-time study, involving twenty 3-credit hour courses. These may be taken on a full-time or a part-time basis. To qualify for the M.T.S. degree, the student must have achieved a minimum average grade of 70% with no mark below 60% in all courses so graded.

This program consists of the following requirements:

   Twenty 3 credit hour courses, as follows:

     A. 4 courses in Biblical Studies (Biblical Studies 3000-Q, 3200-Q, plus two others)

     B. 1 course in Church History

     C. 3 courses in Theological Studies (Theological Studies 3520-Q and Theological Studies 3530-Q plus one other)

     D. 1 course in Liturgical Studies (Liturgical Studies 3808-Q)

     E. 1 course in Moral Theology

     F. 1 Integrative Seminar (3900-Q)

     G. 9 electives chosen from any of the theological disciplines

Eight 3 credit-hour courses (including any required courses) in a major field of study, and four 3-credit hour courses (including the required courses) in a minor field of study.

Maintain a minimum average grade of 70% with no mark below 60% in all courses so graded.
Complete a written integrative comprehensive examination.

Fulfill all requirements of the program within seven years from the date of first registration.


Note: Biblical Studies and Pastoral Studies are the only major fields of study currently offered. Credits in Supervised Pastoral Internship are accepted toward the Pastoral Studies major only. Two 3 credit-hour coursess may be applied to the major and the remainder as other electives. The Parish Internship is not part of the M.T.S. degree program.