Honorary Degrees

The Doctor of Divinity (D.D.), Doctor of Canon Law (D.C.L.) and Doctor of Sacred Letters (D.S.L.) are awarded in recognition of distinguished service to the Church, in the following ways:

The Doctor of Divinity (honoris causa) is awarded to clergy who:

    I. Have given distinguished service to the Church and the community; or
    II.Have outstanding achievement in academic leadership, teaching and/or scholarship

The Doctor of Canon Law (honoris causa) is awarded to members of the laity who have served the Church with distinction

The Doctor of Sacred Letters (honoris causa) is awarded to persons who have served the Church with distinction especially in the areas of Arts and Letters.


Normally, no more than one honorary degree to be awarded in an academic year, though in some very special circumstances more than one may be awarded, and on occasion none may be awarded. Honorary degrees are not awarded in absentia.

Nominating Process

Nomination forms are available through Queen’s College. Nominations are normally presented to the Fall Meeting of the Corporation of Queen’s College, which will decide upon the award to be conferred at Convocation the following spring.

Degrees Awarded

    1.2011 The Rev’d Dr. Alexander Daley, D.D.

    2.2010 The Ven. Francis Buckle, D.S.L.

    3.2009 The Right Rev’d Martin Mate, D.D.

    4.2008 The Ven. Gerald Peddle, D.D.

    5.2007 Ms. Myrtle Cooper, D.C.L.

    6.2006 The Most Rev'd Stewart Payne, D.D.

    7.2005 The Rev'd Canon Frank Cluett, D.D.