Vocational Development Seminars

Christian Spirituality and Spirituality Direction:  This seminar seeks to introduce students to a range of Christian spiritual disciplines by considering three essential dimensions/movements to our spiritual life before God and each other in light of the tenets of spiritual direction.

Research Methods:  This seminar will introduce students to the basic skills required for advanced research. These include time management, critical reading/thinking, assessment of data, internet/computer-based research, structure in writing, footnotes and bibliographies.

Church Planting: This seminar will provide an overview of recent developments in the church-planting movement. The various models of church planting, re-planting and "re-booting" will be examined, with particular reference to the experience of the Anglican Church in Canada, the United States and Britain.

Liturgical Practicum I:  This course is intended to help students to reflect on the nature of Priesthood.

Liturgical Practicum II:  In this course we intend to explore from a theoretical and practical stance presiding at the various liturgical rites in the Anglican Church. We will look at the gestures, movements, and preparation that go into being a prayerful presider who is personally present to the people of God and their ritual action. We will try to understand not only the rubrics but the theology behind the rubrics.

Matters Liturgical:  he theology and practice of presiding.