Bachelor of Theology

            While the Master of Divinity represents the standard level of education required of those preparing for ordination, Queen's College offers a special program leading to the Bachelor of Theology (B. Th.) degree for persons over the age of thirty-five who lack an undergraduate degree from a recognized university, but who are sponsored by a diocesan bishop. Postulants must have successfully completed ten three credit hour courses (in the Humanities - Philosophy, English, History, etc.) at an accredited institution (e.g., Memorial University of Newfoundland) with a minimum average of 65% and a minimum of two semesters as a full-time student (i.e., enrolled in a minimum of four courses per semester).

This program requires a minimum of three years of full-time study and the following requirements:

  • Twenty-five three credit hour courses, as follows:

      A. Courses in Biblical Studies(Biblical Studies 3000-Q, 3200-Q, plus four others)
      B. Courses in Church History
      C. Courses in Theological Studies (Theological Studies 3520-Q and Theological Studies 3530-Q plus one other)
      D. Courses in Liturgical Studies (Liturgical Studies 3808-Q, 3840-Q, plus three others)
      E. Courses in Moral Theology
      F. Courses in Pastoral Studies (Pastoral Studies 3460-Q, 3440-Q, plus five others)

  • The Clinical Pastoral Education requirement is a basic unit from an accredited site and must be completed prior to the postulant's admission to year two of the degree program.


  • The parish internship requirement is a fifteen week internship sponsored by the College.

  • A minimum average of 65% with no mark less than 60% in all courses so graded.

  • A minimum of five of the seven semesters required for the degree as a full-time student (one of these semesters must be the student's final semester before completion of the degree).

  • Completion of all the requirements of the B. Th. program within seven years from the date of first registration.

  • Postulants are expected to participate fully in the College's commitment to a common rule of life, which requires attendance at Daily Offices, the Holy Eucharist, College retreats, and at all other community events.

  • Postulants are required to:

     A.Participate in Parish and Community Placements.
     B.Attend the Vocational Development Seminar each semester.
     C.Engage in the Student Developmental Assessment Program.