Entrance Requirements
The minimum academic entrance requirement for this program is a high school diploma or its equivalent. However, post-secondary education would be desirable.
In addition to the above academic requirements, participants should also demonstrate:
    1.Commitment to relating the Gospel to their lives
    2.Experience, or willingness to serve in ministry
    3.Desire and the ability to grow emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually
    4.Commitment to participate fully in the program
Applicants must also submit the following documentation with an application form which can be obtained from the General Office or online here.
    1.  A personal statement outlining your Educational background
            Family and work history
            Ministry involvements
            Participation in any personal growth and ministry training events
            Reasons for applying to this program
            Expectations about how this program will help you in your future ministry
    2.  A letter (or letters) of reference from your local parish, congregation or Church agency (preferably pastor) stating that: You have been or          expect to be involved in its life and ministry
           You work well with others
           You have the ability and the commitment to complete this program
           Your participation in this program will enhance the ministry of your faith community